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Protect Your Investment with Commercial Insurance in Nova Scotia

You’ve invested time, energy and resources into your small business or other commercial endeavor. Make sure your investment is properly protected with appropriate commercial insurance in Nova Scotia from Les Day Insurance Agency Ltd.

Often, insurance policies can be bundled at a savings to you. Contact us with questions about bundling two or more policies.


Auto Insurance is available for all of your business-related autos, including coverage for small and large vehicle fleets. Protect your investment and the employees who drive for you by purchasing appropriate coverage.


Liability Insurance provides protection for commercial property owners when situations of liability occur on their properties. This insurance is appropriate for a range of organization types, including societies, clubs, religious organizations and more.


Property Insurance provides protection which can be divided into building, equipment and stock coverage. It is essential for business owners. Contact us to learn more about this critical insurance coverage.


We offer several surety bonds, which guarantee payment in cases where a contracted second party fails to fulfill an obligation.

Wood Equipment

Wood Equipment Insurance is vital for industry professionals who wish to protect both their equipment and the employees who use that equipment. Talk with us to determine what insurance is ideal for you.

We also offer Hard-to-Place Property Insurance , which covers such things as stand-alone rental properties and vacant dwellings. If this type of insurance is one you might need, please talk with us.


Special Events

Do you need extra insurance for your special day?

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