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Protect Your Property with Homeowners Insurance in Nova Scotia

Whether you live in a bungalow or a mansion, you want and need to protect your property. Les Day Insurance Agency Ltd. offers a wide range of home insurance policies, so that every person—and every home—gets the coverage needed.

Often, insurance policies can be bundled to provide additional savings to you. Contact us with questions about bundling two or more policies.

Some of the property insurance coverages we offer include:


Homeowners Insurance is for people who own and live in their own home. Because a home is often the most expensive purchase you’ll make, you want to protect it from theft, vandalism or natural disaster. Homeowners insurance can also protect you from liability in the event someone is hurt while on your property.


Tenants Insurance is for people who do not own the building they live in but wish to have coverage for their belongings. These policies can also provide protection in cases where you’ve been held legally liable for personal injury or property damage that was sustained while inside your rental dwelling.

Mini/Mobile Home

Mini/Mobile Home Insurance is similar to homeowner insurance, though it includes some specialized policy terms specific to mobile/mini home ownership. A mini home (termed a mobile home if built before 1978) is defined as a home that has been factory-built atop a permanent chassis, which can be moved with relative ease.


Condo Insurance is similar to homeowners insurance, protecting your and your property from a variety of events or natural disasters, as well as more difficult to define, condo-specific occurrences, such as unit improvements.

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Special Events

Do you need extra insurance for your special day?

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